Precision Investment Casting Production manufacture

Application Of Precision Casting Technology In Manufacturing

Precision investment casting technology, also known as the lost wax casting production process.Components manufactured based on this production process has a high precision, very complex shap, and the weight of parts is basically equivalent to final parts. The casting parts can use directly. Therefore, investment casting process is a kind of special production process of metal forming. Early in the 1940 s, the precision investment casting processing technology was widely used, such as, copper, bronze lions etc .Nowadays, the processing technology of the investment casting process is used in all walks of life. Such as transportation, aerospace, energy, pharmaceutical, petrochemical etc., And the rate of improvement is rapid.

According to the precision investment casting process, not only small metal castings can be produced, but also large metal castings can be produced. The contour size of investment castings is already close to 1.9mm, but the wall thickness is thinner than 2mm. The precision casting process continues to develop toward the direction of accuracy. In addition to the linear dimension tolerance of casting products, its casting products can achieve high geometric dimension tolerance of the main parameters. The surface roughness of the castings produced by the precision casting process is also very low and has been close to Ra0.3um . Because of these advantages of precision investment casting, it has been widely used in China’s industry.

In addition,precision investment casting process can save a lot of mechanical processing and manufacturing time. Reduce casting products throughout the production cycle time, but also further improve the utilization rate of the casting raw materials. So to the cost of goods. And the qulity of casting is also very high.

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