Carbon Steel Casting

What is Carbon Steel Casting?

 Carbon steel is one of the main materials in the current cast steel industry. Carbon steel casting is mainly made of iron and carbon.According to content of C which was devided into high carbon steel,medium carbon steel, low carbon steel. 

High carbon steel (> 0.50% C):

After being properly heat-treated or hardened by cold drawing, high carbon steel has the advantages of high strength, high hardness, high elasticity, and not easy to defor

Medium carbon steel (0.20 to 0.50% C):

Medium carbon steel is the most widely used material in various fields at medium strength levels. Also it can be used as a building material, it is also widely used in the manufacture of various mechanical parts.

Low carbon steel (<0.20% C):

This material is also called soft steel, which has a character of low strength, low hardness, and softness.

The Carbon Steel Castings have the advantages of low cost and high worn-resistance, and can be heat treated to improve its strength, ductility, and processability.

  • Carbon steel uses the largest amount and is easily obtained by casting compared with other steel.
  • Carbon steel can obtain higher hardness and better wear resistance after heat treatment.
  • The hardness in the annealed state is very moderate, and it also has good machinability.
  • The raw materials of carbon steel are very common, easy to obtain, and the cost of production is relatively low.
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