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Development of Precision Casting: Investment Casting

Development of Precision Casting: Investment Casting

Precision casting is also called investment casting/lost wax casting. Precision casting products are precise, complex, close to the final shape of parts. No need further processing or very little processing is its character,  so precision investment casting is a kind of near net formation of advance technology.

In Ancient China: Wang Ziwu Tripod, copper ware, copper lion and so on are masterpieces of investment casting. Investment casting has been developing at a fast speed for half a century since it was used in industrial production in 1940s. In particular, European and American countries are developing rapidly. Investment casting is not only used in aviation and weapon sectors, but also in almost all industrial sectors, especially in petroleum, chemical industry, energy, transportation, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, pumps and valves. In recent years, China has also developed rapidly on precision casting:investment casting.

development of precision casting investment casting

With the development of lost wax casting technology, investment casting can produce not only small castings, but also large castings. The contour size of the largest investment castings is nearly 2m, while the minimum wall thickness is less than 2mm. At the same time, investment castings become more precise, and in addition to linear tolerances, the parts can also achieve higher geometric tolerances. The surface roughness of investment casting becomes smaller and smaller, and can reach Ra0.4μm.

So Investment casting is widely applied for components needed for every industry. We are the leading and famous investment casting foundry located in Dalian, China, four production basis including water glass casting production, silica sol investment casting production and compound shell process can help to fulfill all your demand needs.

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