Investment Casting

What is investment casting?

Investment casting, is a technique for making complex shaped and accurate castings in refactroy alloys using a mold formed around a pattern of wax which will be then removed by melting, is the oldest and well-established metal-forming technique that is used in manufacturing precise metal parts while minimizing the material waste and subsequent machining by the lost wax processing. 

The Investment steel casting is a manufacturing process that can be traced back over 5,000 years ago. At the beginning, beeswax was used to form the pattern, today high technology waxes, refractory materials and special alloys are applied, the lost wax castings ensure high quality components are produced with the advantages of accuracy,less waste, consistency,and short timing.

precision casting

Why is investment casting?

Investment casting as  a traditional and oldest metal-forming techniques for metal components,widely used in every fields. Nowadays investment casting has become one of the preferred manufacturing methods to recreate delicate designs without any machining.The investment casting offers lots benefits as below:

1. Compatible with Simple and Intricate Designs

2.  Excellent Surface Finish

3.  More Accurate Dimensions

4.  Short Lead Time

5.  Broadest Choice of Alloys 

6.  Components Consistency

7.  Lower Production Cost

8.  Less Waste Material

Application of Investment Castings

train and railway parts
Petrochemical machinery
Mining Machinery parts
Agricultural machinery parts

Investment Cast Components are widely used without limitness, while mostly the casted parts are used for

  • Automotive,Vehicle and Truck,
  • Railway and Train,
  • Ship and Marine,
  • Oil & Gas,
  • Valve and Pump,
  • Internal Combustion Engine,
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment,
  • Petrochemcial machinery and equipment,
  • Mining machinery and equipment,
  • Construction machinery and equipment,
  • Hardware and other industries. 
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