Tooling Make

Once we confirmed our cooperation,  your sending us the drawings in 2D/ 3D or just a sample is necessary for us to work on the molds design first, normally the molds are made of aluminum material, our technician will ensure the molds, also called tooling to be precise according to requirement. Molds are made ourselves. 

Wax Pattern

As we know, investment casting, also called lost wax casting patterns are created by injecting molten wax into the metal molds as in the first step. Our company is equipped with highly efficiency and automatic wax injection machines to ensure the operation accurate from the beginning. 

Trees Assembly

After wax pattern made, several of the wax patters are attached to a central wax gating system to form a tree type.The molten metal will flow into the molds cavity through the channels formed by the gating system.

Shells Making

 The investment cast outer shell is built up through dipping into a ceramic bath and then immediately coated with sand for several times. The process is usually repeated for many times and last for days in order to make sure the shell strong enough to withstand the molten metal later on.


The inner cavity of investment casting should be dewaxed, which leaves a hollow outer ceramic shell layer. The hollows are just the same space as the desired castings. Was will be collected for re-use. 

Melting and Casting

First pre-heated the shells made, which will prevent shock and cracking once the liquid metal at a high temperature is poured into the cavity. The chemical composition of the molten metals should also be tested before casting. After the mold has been filled, the melting metal is allowed to cool and solifify into the shape of the final casting. 

Shells Knockout

After the metal has cooled, the shells should be knocked out by shaking, but take care the remains staying in the blind holes, deep holes and grooves to avoid hurting the castings. 

Sawing and Cutting

Once take out the casting parts from the gating system fabrication like sawing or cutting is needed to have the individual raw castings.

Shot Blasting and Secondary Machining

The investment asting parts will then be fully customized through grinding or additional heat treatments. Deep processing or surface treatment might be needed depending on the requirements of the part.

Inspection and Delivery

All cast metal parts will be inpsected in our factory 100% before packing and delivery to ensure the quality meeting demand need. 

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