High Quality Investment Casting Petrochemical Machinery Parts


High Quality Investment Casting Petrochemical Machinery Parts 

Investment Castings (Lost Wax Casting) Factory:

  • Founded in 1997, Four Branch factories to fulfill production of lost wax castings.
  • Senior technicianteam , Strong technical skills and rich experience in product design, casting ,heat treating and machining fields.
  • Best Solution is offered based on Client’s first concept. Optimize the casting product design by considering from clients perspective to improve the performance and reduce cost.
  • Strong Techniques enable us to be Competent with the issues you have in  investment casting process.
  • Simulation analysis system software is applied to ensure the success of the one-time trial sample.

What We Can Do?

Engineering Designs: We Have strong technical background, with our senior technical team, we can give you not only the basic designs, but also will optimize it.

Tooling Make: We have our own workshop for tooling makes, so we can control well the quality and dimensions well in our factory.

Investment Casting: We can do casting in 3 types: sodium silicate process, silica sol process and also a method compound to keep good quality of casting while save cost.

CNC Machining: We have all related facilites to finish the work of secondary maching request after investment castings.

The Investment Castings We have Produced:


auto parts casted
casted auto parts

casting valve parts

Application of our Investment Castings Components:

  • Auto Parts ,Truck Parts,Vehicle Parts,
  • Valve Parts, Pump fittings Parts,
  • Gas engine Parts,
  • Agricultural machinery Parts
  • Mining Machinery Parts
  • Sanitary Ware Parts
  • Construction hardware Parts
  • Petrochemical Equipment Parts
  • General industry Parts
  • Hardware etc


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