Investment Casting Steel Cast Part Customized

Investment Casting Steel Cast Part Customized

Able to customize automotive parts, agricultural machinery parts, engine parts, valve parts, machinery parts etc per request.

Steel Materials we have casted:
Japan SCS13 JIS G 5121
SCS13A JIS G 5121
SCS14 JIS G 5121
SCS14A JIS G 5121
SCS16 JIS G 5121
SCS2 JIS G 5121
SCS24 JIS G 5121
S45C JIS G 4051
S20C JIS G 5102
SCW410 JIS G 5102
SCS24 JIS G 5121
USA CA6NM ASTM A 743/A 743M-06
CA6NM B ASTM A 487/A 487M-93
3A ASTM A 890
CF8 ASTM A 351/A 351M-03
CF3M ASTM A 743/A 843M-06
CA15 ASTM A 743/A 843M-06
CA40 ASTM A 743/A 843M-06
CF8M ASTM A 351/A 351M-03
5A ASTM A 890
UK EN 24

We are a precision investment casting foundry in China, with more than 400 people and 4 manufacturing bases for carbon steel castings, low alloy steel castings and stainless steel castings production and assembly. Unit weight of our cast parts is from 0.05-80kgs, our casted parts are widely used such as automotive, trains, ships, agriculture machinery, mining machinery, petrochemical machinery, food machinery etc.  From engineering designs to finished cast parts, all can be done in our own factory. 

We have complete and advanced equipment for production, machining and inspection, we can work on water glass investment castings, silica sol investment castings and compound shell investment castings.

Our Lost Wax Casting Auto Parts:

casted auto parts
auto parts casted

About Us:

  • Established in 1997, 4 manufacturing bases. 
  • Strong technical support and quality oriented enterprise
  • Own Mold make workshop
  • Investment casting(lost wax casting): Water Glass Investment Casting, Silica Sol Investment Casting, Compound Shell Investment Casting. 
  • Metal Cast Machining: Welding,sanding, shot blasting,milling, drilling, cnc machining etc.
  • Heat Treatment: Annealing, Quenching, Normalizing,
  • Surface Treatment: Polishing, Anodizing,Powder Coating,Polishing, Electric-plating,Galvanizing,Sand Blasting, Blacken etc
  • Standards We Follow: ASTM,DIN,ISO,BS,JIS etc. 
  • Customer First, Quality is our culture
  • Certificate:ISO9001:2015,TS16949
  • 24/7 hours available

Application of our lost wax casted parts:

  • Automotive and Vehicle,
  • Railway and Trains
  • Oil & Gas Equipment Component
  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
  • Mining Machinery and Equipment
  • Construction Machinery and Equipment
  • Petrochemical Machinery and Equipment
  • Hardware and tools etc

Part View of our investment casting company:

Testing equipment list:

inspection machinery-Lantian

 Our Advantages:

  • Strong Technical Support: Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing company has rich experience in investment casting processing, we can provide not only quality products, but our best suggestions for your demand by considering both cost effectiveness and usage.
  • Solution Provided: We are not only a manufacture for the OEM cast parts, but also the one that can give you best solutions for issues you met. We provided not only the products, but also the designs and after sales service.
  • Quality Assurance:  With our advanced and complete inspection factilities, we can provide 100% inspection before packing and delivery to ensure the quality meeting your requirement. We have around 40 QC workers to inspect the casting parts.
  • CNC Machining ability: We have precision casting equipment in factory, also we have complete cnc machining equipment to carry out the machinery reqest from our clients, such as milling, drilling, tapping, grinding, threading, boring etc.
  • Quick Response: Our team is working 24/7 hours to serve our clients. Your questions will be responsed quickly from our side.

 Get to Contact Us:

Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing (Dalian) Co.,Ltd



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