Precision Lost Wax Casting Machinery Parts

Precision Lost Wax Casting Machinery Parts

As an almost 30 years investment casting manufacturing in China, we can do all engineering steel castings in our foundry. We have our own tooling make shop to do aluminium molds for our casting products. The material we can cast includes stainless steel, carbon steel and low alloy steel. The cast product unit weight is from 0.05-80 kgs, our casting capacity is 8000 tons per year.

The standards we follows are ASTM, JIS, AISI, DIN, BS, NF, AS ,AAR ETC.

Our casting parts are widely used in automotive, vehicles, ships and marines, railway and trains, petrochemical machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, sanitary ware etc.

We have complete facilities for sodium silicate process and silica sol process.

Also we have our own cnc machining shop to carry out all machining process: such as milling, cnc turning, drilling, boring, grinding, threading. tapping etc.


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