Precision Metal Made Lost Wax Casting Products


Precision Metal Made Lost Wax Casting Products

What is Lost Wax Casting Products?

Lost Wax Casting Products, also called investment casting products.

It is a technique for making complex shaped and accurate castings using a mold.

It is the oldest and well-established metal-forming technique to minimize the material waste and subsequent machining.

The process ensures high quality components with the advantages of accuracy and consistency.

Overview of our factory:

  • Founded in 1997, covering an area of 19000m2, with four professional foundries in precision castings.
  • Strong technical support and engineering design team.
  • Solutions offered based on Client’s first concept, optimize the designs by considering performance and cost.
  • Tooling make by our own workshop.
  • Quality Assurance System.
  • Timely delivery time.
  • Quick response.
  • 100% Inspection before delivery.

Investment Casting Process:

1. Tooling Make  2.Wax Pattern 3. Trees Assembly 4. Shells Making 5. Dewaxing 6. Melting and Casting 7. Shells Knockout 8. Sawing and Cutting

9. Shot Blasting and Secondary Machining 10. Inspection and Delivery


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