Steel Casting Auto Part

Steel Casting Auto Part

Precision casting auto parts, valve parts, machinery parts etc oem casting manufacture in China.

auto parts casted
steel casting auto parts
casted auto parts
casted auto parts

1. Stainless Steel Castings:

Stainless Steel material like, 304 SS, 304L/316L, 316 SS ,410&416 and 17-4 SS etc.

2. Carbon Steel Castings:

Carbon steel material differs from high caron steel, low carbon steel and medium carbon steel, they have different level of strength, hardness, elasticity etc. 

3. Low Alloy Steel Castings:

Alloy steel has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and strength performance is very high. Different alloys will have different properties.

Our Ability:
  1. OEM Designs: we provide the redesign service, you can provide us the samples, we can work on it.
  2. Own tooling make workshop: which ensures our quality and lead time.
  3. Investment Casting Process:   Water Glass (Sodium Silicate ) Processing, Silica Sol Processing, Compound Shell Processing.
  4. Standards: ASTM, JIS, GB, DIN etc.
  5. Cnc Machining: CNC turning, Milling, Threading, Grinding,Boring, Drilling etc.
  6. Heat Treatment: Annealing, Tempering, Quenching
  7. Surface Treatment:  Galvanizing, Plating, Coating, Painting, Chroming, Blacken, Nickeling,etc.
About Us:

We are a leading and large scale precision casting foundry located in Dalian,Liaoning, the Northeast of China.Our first foundry was established in 1997.Nowadays we have four manufacturing factories specializing in steel investment casting (lost wax casting) process and cnc machining .We can cast Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Low Alloy Steel.The casting components unit weight is from 0.05kgs-80kgs. We are able to produce investment castings in three different types of shell processing to meet different requirement from our clients. Annual capacity of our steel casting part is 8000 tons, and the precision steel castings are widely used in Automotive And Truck, Railway And Trains,Ships And Marines, Agricultural Machinery, Petrochemical Machinery, Mining Machinery, Sanitary Ware, Hardware, Construction and other industry.We are quality oriented manufacture, and our OEM metal parts are exported globally ,such as USA, Japan,Germany, Netherlands, UK, Mid-east and South Asia etc countries and areas. With our quality products and our best service, we gained great reputation from our clients.

Application of our Castings
  • Medical Machinery and Equipment Parts
  • Mining Machinery and Equipment Parts
  • Petrochemical Machinery and Equipment Parts
  • Food Machinery and Equipment Parts
  • Dairy Machinery and Equipment Parts
  • Automotive Spare Parts
  • Machine Tools Parts
  • Valves and Pumps
  • Hardware Etc
Part View of our factory:

Other Steel Casting Parts We Have Made:

machinery part casting


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