What is investment casting?

What is investment casting?

Investment casting, is a technique for making complex shaped and accurate castings in refactroy alloys using a mold formed around a pattern of wax which will be then removed by melting, is the oldest and well-established metal-forming technique that is used in manufacturing precise metal parts while minimizing the material waste and subsequent machining by the lost wax processing. So as we all know that the investment casting is also called lost wax casting or precision casting.

The Investment casting is a manufacturing process that can be traced back over 5,000 years ago. At the beginning, beeswax was used to form the pattern, today high technology waxes, refractory materials and special alloys are applied, the lost wax castings ensure high quality components are produced with the advantages of accuracy,less waste, consistency,and short timing.

Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing, also the in the name of Zhuanghe Lantian Precision Casting Company, is the firstly investment casting foundries in China for precision casting processing. We have built the first foundry in Zhuanghe city, Dalian city, with processing of sodium silicate processing and silica sol processing, also we are able to process the compound shell making which is to achieve the better surface than water glass casting but with lower cost. Our cast parts are widely used in various industries, you can just send us the drawings you have, we will quote and give you the suggestions we have  based on our 30 years experience in designing and strong technical background.


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