What is silica sol precision manufacturing? Is there a good custom casting foundry recommended?

What is silica sol precision manufacturing? Is there a good custom casting foundry recommended?

Products produced by silica sol precision casting are widely used, and products produced using this process can be found in all walks of life. Silica sol precision casting can produce stainless steel, heat-resistant and wear-resistant parts, carbon steel, alloy ductile iron, ductile iron, various mechanical parts, auto parts, lock parts, hardware tools, etc. It is really widely used, I don’t I cited one by one.

So what is the silica sol precision casting like?

Silica sol casting belongs to lost wax casting, which is a kind of investment casting.

  1. We have to make molds based on the shape characteristics of the silica sol casting parts.
  2. Use the silica sol casting mold to make the wax model exactly as the part.
  3. Put the wax type into the slurry made of silica sol and quartz sand, sizing the wax type, and then it will solidify. Multiple dipping and solidification molding.
  4. Dewaxing, put the model in hot water, melt the wax, and leave the mold shell
  5. Just pouring into shape.

This is the general operation process, and the specific details are very professional and very complicated. After talking about the general process, someone must ask what kind of different or extraordinary castings can be made by this kind of silica sol precision casting?

The products produced by this casting method have the advantages of high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality. Will you think that this kind of casting is very large? Will the cost be very expensive?

And it not only effectively reduces costs, but also improves product competitiveness and ensures product quality. Here I have to say that Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing, a casting factory of a relatively large brand in our country, has more than 30 years of casting experience. We have always adhered to the principle of quality first and customer first. If they are dishonest manufacturers, they will not be able to do so. The most important thing in business is word-of-mouth brand. We can rest assured to hand over the order to Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing.

Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing can bring better economic benefits to customers. why?

First of all, quality. Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing silica sol precision casting products are of reliable quality, and their products are sold to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries and regions. And most importantly, there are many repeat customers. Of course, this is also inseparable from their company’s concept of quality first. All procedures are monitored by rigorous instruments and professional experienced engineers.

As the leader of my country’s foundry industry, advanced foundry equipment and top-notch technology can lead other peers for a long time. It is even more generous in investing in the latest casting machinery. In terms of technology, it has hired senior casting craftsmen from Germany, China, and Japan to follow up the company’s casting process research and development update. The castings produced are definitely the top level in our country.

Secondly, they make customized high-quality and high-precision metal castings, which can satisfy customers. The size and accuracy can be customized 100% according to customer requirements, and they can provide customers with the best and most satisfactory products.

In the negotiation of customization, they are also in line with the principle of service first, and do their best to help customers, do a good job of word of mouth, and do a good job of the golden sign that has lasted for more than 30 years!

In terms of price, it can also achieve high quality and low price. As a company with four factories, various production links are already mature, and the price is the most suitable price that both of us think!

Recommend Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing, silica sol precision casting depends on them! You can go to to have a look.


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