Where can I customize high-quality and high-precision metal castings? You must know the cost-effective foundry processing factory!

Where can I customize high-quality and high-precision metal castings? You must know the cost-effective foundry processing factory!


Investment casting, also known as lost wax casting, was often used in ancient times as a craft for making Buddha statues, bells, and tripods. Now with the development of technology and the times, driven by the wave of economic globalization, the continuously improved investment casting method has become a necessary manufacturing process for various products. Coating several layers of refractory materials on the surface of the wax mold, and after hardening and drying, the wax mold is melted to form a shell, and the casting is obtained by baking-pouring. In order to obtain high-precision finished products with precise dimensions and smooth surface. Not only can produce small castings, but also larger castings. The existing sodium silicate casting process and silica sol casting process are the most common casting processes.

I probably introduced investment casting. Today, I would like to recommend a large-brand casting processing factory. For those who don’t know where to buy or customize high-quality and high-precision metal castings, this recommendation will be very helpful to you. Great help!

Based on the cost-effective ranking of my country’s foundry processing plants, Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing ranks first.

Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing is located in Seaport Dalian City, with four factories specializing in casting processing and CNC processing production. Where is their advantage?

  1. The castings are of high quality and very reliable. They have strong technical support and a more professional R&D team. Every link of production is strictly controlled, and professionals with rich experience in casting structure and casting materials continue to follow up scientifically. Every link of molding, shell making, roasting, pouring and so on uses the latest advanced equipment production, experienced staff and sophisticated instrument analysis. Because they are well aware that any problems in the setting and operation of any link will lead to changes in the size or quality of the castings.
  2. Short delivery time. Direct manufacturing, also has 4 professional manufacturing bases, which can fulfill your orders better, faster and in larger quantities. Own mold making workshop, own CNC processing workshop, save time and your cost.
  3. The development of production also considers environmental protection issues to reduce pollution. Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing not only wants development, but also wants sustainable development. Minimizing environmental pollution is also the direction they have been striving for.
  4. The product is cost-effective, and can give you the most high-quality and low-cost products in the same industry. The metal castings produced here are of high quality and ideal prices. Good physical and mechanical properties will definitely give you the best and most satisfactory answer.

Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing has a mature process in all aspects of casting, with 30 years of experience and excellent quality. Cast products can pass various metal testing standards without surface defects.

Where can I customize high-quality and high-precision metal castings? Which manufacturer of water glass casting process is better? After reading the above article, I wonder if it helps you?

About cost-effective precision casting manufacturers I have shared this today. Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing mainly produces customized casting products. The process uses water glass casting process, silicon melt casting process and composite shell process to produce carbon steel castings. Contracts Steel castings, stainless steel castings, etc., can also be subjected to various tests and deep machining. The weight of the product can be 0.05-80KGS, and it is widely used in various industries, such as medical treatment, automobile, machinery, aerospace and so on. Friends in need immediately go to www.ltmetalcasting.com to find out.

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