customized precision casting

Who is the backbone of exporting castings? The castings are more precise because of their investment casting!

Who is the backbone of exporting castings? The castings are more precise because of their investment casting!

The foundry industry once wrote a glorious page for the country, and the rise of the foundry industry has supported the backbone of the country. With the continuous development of the times, domestic foundry is impacting the foundry industry due to environmental pollution, high energy consumption and raw material consumption, low technological level, lack of talents, and the emergence of more and more high-tech.

Everyone wants to change, everything is changing, and changes are common. Now with investment casting as the backbone, castings are no longer due to various problems, imprecision and low craftsmanship.

Investment casting is a net forming process. Its castings are precise and complex, close to the final shape of the part, and can be used directly without processing or after very little processing. (Taken from “Investment Precision Casting” Jiang Buju)

Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing, a precision manufacturing company with 30 years of experience and technology, has mastered this core technology very early. The company has more than 400 people professionally responsible for investment casting (lost wax casting) and CNC machining of stainless steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel and other parts. The annual output of precision casting products is as high as 8,000 tons! It is a well-known large enterprise and large company.

Although investment casting has many advantages, the level of investment casting in China has been improved year by year and the equipment has been constantly updated over the past few years. However, it is only limited to large companies like Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing that have relatively good investment to obtain higher and newer ones. Better equipment. Most companies still focus on manual + machines, and achieve relatively low-end products.

Investment casting itself is a process technology with multiple processes and variable factors. It requires strict process control to improve the quality of castings. This is impossible without certain investment and technology.

Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing’s precision castings are widely used in the automotive industry, railway tracks, shipbuilding industry, agricultural machinery, mining machinery and equipment, valves, pumps, hardware industries, etc. Across multiple industries, we have vertically cooperated in multiple regions such as the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Australia, the Middle East and other countries, and have established long-term close cooperation with them!

As long as it is made of metal materials, you can choose Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing’s precision casting.

I choose to trust Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing for customized precision casting! Why?

With strong technical support and advanced and complete factory production equipment, from the perspective of hard power, it is completely possible to crush a large number of companies in the foundry industry. Scientific technology and the latest equipment can make the quality of precision castings produced by Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing better! Make the casting more precise, bigger and stronger.

Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing’s investment casting can not only produce small and medium castings, but the weight of the products can range from 0.05-80KGS, which can be applied to various industries. 80% of global wind power equipment castings are made in China, and Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing is the backbone of exporting castings!

Lantian Precision Machinery Manufacturing’s continuous improvement of casting technology and continuous accumulation of production experience. High quality is our important production philosophy, we reject all low-quality products! We only do high-end, high-quality precision castings. Welcome new and old customers to our company for negotiation! Our official website is

customized precision casting

customized precision casting

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